Sclerotherapy Training Course
Textbooks For Sclerotherapy Training Course (4) Manuals
Textbook Vein 
Step by Step procedure manual -   Practical and Objective - The complete Cycle    

Medical Evaluation of Spider and Varicose Veins  Only $395.00

How to Do Sclerotherapy $750.00
Plus Sclerotherapy Training Videos 

Sclerotherapy Training Course
You can buy the Manuals 
   1.- Separately / Individually 
   2.- Or As Complete Course Set 

Sclerotheapy Course Content and structure 
Textbook Vein 

Sclerotherapy Complication Treatments  Only $395.00

Front Desk Manual for the Sclerotherapy Practice  $395.00

Sclerotherapy Training Manuals 
You will learn techniques such as

​1  Technique to  Avoid Hyperpigmentation
2  Technique to  Avoid Superficial Thrombosis 
3  Technique to  Avoid Ulcer Formation
4  Technique to  Avoid Thrombophlebitis
5  Technique to  Avoid Hyperpigmentation
6  Technique to  Avoid Neovascularization 

Sclerotheapy Course Content and structure 
Sclerotherapy Training Course ( everything )
The Comprehensive Sclerotherapy Course includes
1.- All 4 Manuals
​     A.- Medical Evaluation & Treatment Plan
     B.- How to Do Sclerotherapy
     C.- Sclerotherapy Complications Tto.
     D.- Front Desk Sclerotherapy
2.- Hands-On Videos
3.- Exam & Certification
Hands On Video Training , with Injections Techniques. 

Comprihensive Sclerotherapy Training Course all four Manuals Only $1,200.00

Sclerotheapy Course Content and structure