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  Based on the practical experience of Drs. and RN performing Sclerotherapy every day, for more than 30 years.  It is a Step by Step guide of Sclerotherapy, with every detail that will make you have a successful practice in Sclerotherapy. Elements such as which are the differential diagnosis,  how to prepare the medication, how to inject, when and where to inject, how to avoid mistakes in sclerotherapy, if complications arrises how to treat them.  a true comprehense course

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Manual No 1 

Table of Content 
Medical Evaluation of Spider and Varicose Veins                      
 All Elements needed to consider when performing a Medical Evaluation of Varicose Veins.  Includes topics such as The 11 steps of the 1st Medical Visit, Differential Diagnosis, Vascular test, Vein Classification, 2nd Visit considerations, How to Prepare a Treatment Plan for Sclerotherapy

Table of Content 

Manual No 2 

How to Do Sclerotherapy  plus Hand On Videos                          

 For  Spider and Varicose Veins. It gives you a detail description on how to perform the actual injection, It gives you the Tips and Pearls of the practice, It also offers the  Sclerotherapy protocol to follow when
doing Sclerotherapy. All based on the practical experience of those who have been doing sclerotherapy for the past 30 Years  
Here is where you can see the Dr. performing  some of the 22 injection Techniques explained in the manual of How to do Sclerotherapy,

You will see how these techniques are applied. You will be able to observe different tips and Pearls of the practice of Sclerotherapy. Best of all you can watch it over and over again. It is a true  Sclerotherapy Medical Reference need for the practice Sclerotherapy
Table of Content 

Manual No 3 

  Sclerotherapy Complication Treatments  

A must-have manual, for the person that practices Sclerotherapy. It teaches you how to avoid mistakes in Sclerotherapy.  Which explain the different treatment of   Sclerotherapy complications, and How to control the progress of the Sclerotherapy
Table of Content 

Manual No 4

 The Front Desk Manual for the Practice of Sclerotherapy
It gives you all the basic Management Elements required to control and implement the Vein Practice,  Marketing Sample ready to go,  Offers all medical forms needed to control the process of Sclerotherapy. It offers Exams and Certification for your internal training purposes. A Sclerotherapy Management Guide and Control Protocol

Sclerotherapy Training Course  

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