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Frequently asked questions

For Sclerotherapy Training Course 
Your best alternative to learn Sclerotherapy.  

CopaVin Medical Training Program 
Once a student of CoapVin you can apply to obatin a Sclerotherapy Certificate .
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    What is the content of the course?
    Based on the practical experience of Drs. and RN performing Sclerotherapy every day, for more than 30 years. This course goes step by step thru the complete sclerotherapy cycle
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    Do I get all the Sclerotherapy Textbooks?
    Yes, If you buy the complete Sclerotherapy Training Course by CopaVin, you get all 4 Sclerotherapy textbooks that will cover the complete cycle. That repsesent a saving of $735.
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    What training options does CopaVin provide?
    You have different options, A.- You can buy the complete sclerotherapy training course for $1,200, or you can Buy the Textbook of How to do Sclerotherapy and the videos for only $750. Or you can buy each manual as you need it
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    What is the cost ?
    1.- The complete course $1,200. 2.- How to do Sclerotherapy textbook and Videos $750. 3.- Manual 1, 3, 4 are only $395
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    Do I get a Certificate ?
    Yes, we provide a complete exam of Sclerotherapy for you to apply to your employees and determine their knowledge in the subject. Or once a student you can apply to obtain CopaVin Sclerotherapy Certificate Directly
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    Where do I buy the course?
    Go to and make your selectionl.
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    Do you provide training support?
    With CopaVin you are shure that the training does not end when you purchase the course, we will give the support you and answer your questions for the next month after the purchase!
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    When will I get the Sclerotherapy Course ?
    Usually we ship the complete course the next working day via USPS
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    How much time will it take to really learn Sclerotherapy ?
    We estimate that it will take around a month to really learn , base on the content of each manual one per week and the injections techniques will take more time.
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    What are the advantage of CopaVin Course
    First and foremost our course is based on the practical experience of Drs. and RN that is ONLY performing Sclerotherapy day in day out, for more than 30 years. Second, it is a course that you can consult over and over, with the videos and the four Textbooks