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Front Desk Manual of The Sclerotherapy Practice 

   With all the  pearls of practice  

Sclerotherapy Manual 

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The Practical Step by Step Guide to Sclerotherapy

The Front Desk Manual for the Practice of Sclerotherapy .   Gives you all the basic Management Elements required to control and implement the Vein Practice,  Marketing Sample ready to go,  Offers all medical forms needed to control the process of Sclerotherapy. It offers the Exams and Certification for your internal training purposes
It has all  Medical Reference need for Sclerotherapy ,

Manual $395.00   

Table of Content  Front Desk for Sclerotherapy 

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Sample Pages of Sclerotherapy Manual
Front Desk 
Sclerotherapy Manual   
 You will find the practical answers to question such as :

  1  What medication to use? and why, or
  2  When to change medication ?
  3  How do I prepare the Sclerosing agent,
  4  What concentration should I use.?
  5  Where to start the sclerosis. 
  6  What type of Syringe to use.
  7  What is the Trt.  for Hyperpigmentation
  8  How do a Trt. a Superficial Thrombosis

and many more practical Sclerotherapy questions...........


How to do Sclerotherapy Correctly