Sclerotherapy Training Course

Sclerotherapy Complications Treatments 

   With all the  pearls of practice  

Sclerotherapy Complications Treatments

The Practical Step by Step Guide for Treatment of Sclerotherapy Complications 

Based on the practical experience of Drs. and RN performing Sclerotherapy every day, for more than 30 years. 
Sclerotherapy Complication Treatments.    A must have manual ,  for the person that practices Sclerotherapy . It teaches you How to avoid mistakes in Sclerotherapy.  Which explain the different treatment of   Sclerotherapy complications , and How to control the progress of the Sclerotherapy.

Avoid Ulcer formation 
Avoid Thrombophlebiti
Avoid Hyperpigmentation 
Avoid Neovascularization 


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Table of Content
Sclerotherapy Manual
Complete Sclerotherapy Course 
Table of Content
Sclerotherapy Manual
Sample Pages of Sclerotherapy Manual
Complete Sclerotherapy Course 
Hands-On Videos 
 You will find the practical answers to question such as :

  1  Avoid Ulcer formation
  2  Avoid Thrombophlebitis
  3   Avoid Hyperpigmentation
  4   Avoid Neovascularization
  5   What medication to use? and why, or
  6  When to change medication ?
  7  How do I prepare the Sclerosing agent,
  8  What concentration should I use.?
  9  Where to start the sclerosis. 
 10 What type of Syringe to use.
 11 What is the Trt.  for Hyperpigmentation
 12  How do a Trt. a Superficial Thrombosis

and many more practical Sclerotherapy questions...........

How to do Sclerotherapy Correctly

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