Sclerotherapy  for RN  
Sclerotherapy Downloads 
Sclerotherapy  Manual 
How to Bill Sclerotherapy .
Film Sclerotherapy Tec 
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  For Doctors, 425 pp    
  For RN     
  Billing Department    
 Film Clips of Techinques    
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Sclerotherapy Seminars  
Manual de Escleroterapia 
  For Doctors  ( Spanish )  
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Medical Forms of a Vein Clinic 
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  For Medical Office      
  CME Seminars 
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Crown Medical 30 yrs of Sclerotherapy Practice and only Sclerotherapy 
All you really need to know in practical and simple terms to perform a quality sclerotherapy ,  to avoid ulcers, hyperpigmentation  and other mistakes regulary made.  You will get the true pearls of  Sclerotherapy practice 
 B.-  Course Content of Sclerotherapy Course , What will you learn, The Program ................    
 F.- Nurse Book Table of  Content, of the Sclerotherapy Manual ,  What does it contain ? ...   
 C.-  Which are the most common miskates made in Sclerotherapy , and how to avoid them 
 A.- Table of  Content, of the Sclerotherapy Manual ,  What does it contain ? ..........................    
 G.-  The Complete  Book Collection for Varicose Veins Clinics ( From A to Z )     
Varicose Vein Treatment for Lower Extremities
Learn Sclerotherapy Injection Techniques
Learn How to Select Proper Medication & Dosage
Learn Billing and Legal Considerations
Participate in Hands-On Training Workshop
 International Students  ( Spanish Version )        
Sclerotherapy techniques
CME course at Florida International University  on Sclerotherapy techniques
CME Confrence at Barry University on        
Sclerotherapy techniques
Complete DVD Course + Book + Film + Forms
  Now on Flash Drives  
 15 Film of Sclerotherapy Tec  
 D.-  Sample of  considerations when preparing treatment plan, Dosage, Medication etc  
 E.-   What you will learn to do, as to Vein Mapping,  and Type of  Sclero to do   
Sclerotherapy Downloads 
Sclerotherapy Training 
Everything you need to successfully implement vein care 
Only $ 1,200.00
Only $ 975.00
Everything you need to successfully implement vein care 
DVDs / Videos
Billing Support
Film of Sclero 
Med Forms 

Specialized in Sclerotherapy Training  
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Only $ 975.00
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