Varicose Vein Treatment for Lower Extremities
Learn Sclerotherapy Injection Techniques
Learn How to Select Proper Medication & Dosage
Learn Billing and Legal Considerations
Participate in Hands-On Training Workshop
$ 950
Specialized in Sclerotherapy Training Only

  Sclerotherapy Training Manuals
More than a book, Sclerotherapy Manual is a procedural manual which brings to you the Methodology or Medical Protocol in Sclerotherapy. This book is practical and concise, It guides you step by step, through the complete cycle of Sclerotherapy. The methodology presented is based on the practical and objective experience of numerous doctors, therapists and administrators whom have been dedicated exclusively and entirely to the treatment of varicose veins for more than 29 years, having treated thousands of patients of all nationalities and ethnicities in the U.S

  Now on Flash Drives 
  • The First Medical Visit
  • The 3D Venous Map
  • Vasular Tests         
  • The Second Medical Visit         
  • How to Make Sclerotherapy Estimates
  • How to Make a Treatment Plan
  • Sclerotherapy Techniques and Procedures
  • Treating Sclerotherapy Complications         
  • Sclerotherapy Progress Control 
  • Sclerotherapy Techniques        
  • Medical References for Varicose Disease

Topics Covered:
International Students  ( Spanish Version )       
Sclerotherapy techniques
CME course at Florida International University  on Sclerotherapy techniques
CME Confrence at Barry University on       
Sclerotherapy techniques
Tips and guide on how to bill procedure code 36471,  treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities
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Download Reference  Sclerotherapy
for Spider & Varicose Veins
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Conference material of the the CME on Billing 36471
The Complete  Cycle $375.00
Simple and Practical Guide for 
Spider & Varicose Vein Treatment  
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1.- Books & Manuals
2.- CME Seminars at University Setting
3.- Sclerotherapy Seminars & Books on DVD,s
Now in one simple Flash Drive including Tips for a better Sclerotherapy
Practice  Pearls ,   Base on 30 yrs of experience doing Sclerotherapy
1.-   Avoiding common mistakes,  Ulcers  & Staining
2.-  Which medication to use ,  at what concentration
3.-  How to inject for best results , The 22 Injection techniques
4.-  Instruction for Patient  ( Post Therapy )  
5.-  Informed Consent, Billing, & other management 
What you need to know, in simple terms in order  to perfom a quality sclerotherapy   Base on 30 yrs of experience doing Sclerotherapy
Only  $75.00